Here’s a bit on what we do!

This site is a short-term vacation lettings booking platform, where you can advertise your property to potential travellers and renters or book your stay at any of the dwellings listed on our websites.

We offer multi websites;

They are:


Note : When you list your property on any of our websites your property automatically will be listed on all our websites.

Whether you are looking for unique holiday homes, apartments, or luxury villas we’ve got something for everyone. We cater for those who are looking to stay in all types of vacation dwellings and unique getaways from various regions across the globe. We’ve got the best holiday destinations here, including (but not limited to) Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, The Greek Islands and Cyprus – we have it all here!

Each of our properties has our owner written information under the property details section, giving you an easy to read and navigate guide to the property, the local area and some of the local attractions.

We try really hard to make the user experience on our site friendly and easy for your use. Should you have any questions regarding a property you can either contact the owner directly and ask them or feel free to contact our team who will be happy to assist you.

Why Choose Us?

> Join the countless happy families that have really enjoyed their stay with us in the past.

> We are an international company and have been in the holiday lettings and rentals business for over 15 years.

> We really care about our customers, and we take customer service very seriously.

> Optimized listings for property owners and great places to stay for guests.

> Our Website is very user friendly and is not complicated. 


While we do offer excellent self catering holiday homes for our customers - which can be booked directly from the owners, we are not in any way shape or form, a travel agent or estate agent, nor do we provide these kinds of services. 

Should you wish to BOOK one of the homes on our site then you should do so via our online booking system, by selecting your holiday dates and then filling out the booking request form, this will only take 1 - 2 minutes and is simple and straightforward.

Please note that we do not take bookings via the phone.