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Gumusluk is located in the South West of Turkey; it is the ideal holiday destination for everyone. The resort is situated on the grounds of an ancient city, known as Myndos. Because of this Gumusluk is protected against developments, which means unlike many other holiday destinations it has not been over exposed. Bars and restaurants are also forbidden from playing music too loud, but it is the people who live in the village itself that make the place as they are some of the friendliest people you have ever met, and will go to almost any lengths to make sure your stay is enjoyable.

The town’s major attraction is its wide selection of fish restaurants, and they are well worth dining at while staying in Bodrum. The fish restaurants are next to the sea, and after a delightful meal, one can either choose to relax and doze off, or take a walk to Rabbit Island. If you don’t want to get wet feet, the only option is going there when the sea is at low tide. There is a good bus connection to and from Gümüslük to all areas of Bodrum.

The village of Gumusluk has been one of the most well-kept secret holiday getaways in Southern Turkey. The popularity of this charming place stems from its natural beauty preserved in a tranquil cove. The beach at Gümüslük is always refreshing with a gentle breeze, offering snorkeling, swimming or just laid back sun bathing. In antiquity Gumusluk was known as the ancient city of Myndos and is presently preserved by law as a first degree archeological preserve. Its natural and historical beauty has been preserved and remains for all to relish in its ancient form.

Gumusluk has always been a great choice for those who seek freshly caught local sea food, prepared to perfection at the seaside restaurants. If you prefer local cuisine, and especially vegetables, you will find plenty of restaurants that meet your fancy. Don't forget one of the region's specialties is its large range of vegetarian dishes. In recent years Gumusluk has become one of the most popular art centres in Turkey. A heaven for artists who have relocated from metropolitan areas throughout Turkey as well as internationally. The village has also become popular with various artists such as painters, musicians, writers and designers who have settled there mostly from large cites through out Turkey. There are art work shops scattered throughout the area which includes sculptures, painters, ceramic workshops, photographers, writers, musicians, and designers.

While artists display their works at the 'Municipality Art Center', many handcrafts are marketed from stalls set up along the "Artists Handcraft Street  at the entrance of the beach front. For generations fishing has traditionally been the main source of livelihood along with growing tangerines and olives in Gumusluk. Recently tourism has also become a major source of income for the local people of the village.

Gumusluk has been a Municipality since 1997 with a population of approximately 4,000, which reaches near fifteen thousands in the summer months. There are four civil organizations in the village; Gumusluk Academy Foundation, Gumusluk Culture-Art Association, Gumus Cevre Gumusluk Environmental Cultural Association and Gumusluk Education and Environmental Foundation.